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Der ideale Austauschschüler - von Bob und Sandra Morrison

Was Sandra und Bob über Alicia sagen, freut uns sehr:

"She has only been staying with us for 3 months, but it feels like we have known her a lifetime.

She is mature above her years, but is still wanting to listen and learn and be attentive to new cultures.

She is clever, and wise, but also humble, and not boastfull.

She is very caring, and considerate to all around her.

She has a lovely nature, and a smile that lights up the room.

She is such a happy and nice person, that we enjoy taking her to new and interesting places, and spending time with her.

She has that wonderfull personality, that she can mix with people of all ages, and they all like her.

She is a young lady, who is happy to follow rules, and I would have no doubt, she would be the same type of person at school."

(Alicia ist seit Januar 2014 am Chancellor State College an der Sunshine Coast / Australien)

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